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Feed me, sir, drink me and give me a clean, spacious stable, when done is daily work. Talk to me because Your voice replaces my reins. If you will be kind to me, I will serve you with joy and you will find a place in my heart. Please don't pull the reins don't touch the whip if we move forward. Give me time to understand your intention. Don't hit me if I don't understand you. Don't think of me inattentive, if I don't do your will - maybe that the saddle or horseshoes are not in order. Don't tie me too short and don't cut my tail, which is my only weapon against flies and mosquitoes. When you know my days are getting shorter, until I can no longer serve You, my beloved lord, please don't starve and freeze me and don't sell me. Be so kind and prepare for a quick, merciful death and God will reward you here and for eternity.