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Guild of Fiakrists and Carriers of Bohemia and Moravia - a professional organization of horse breeders and carriage operators, fiakrists and carriages, which guarantees ethical treatment of horses and strictly observes veterinary rules and applicable laws related to horse abuse and at the same time guarantees working horses decent conditions. Horses have been working in the city since 1989, when it was a poorly controllable free trade. The guild was established in 1992. The conditions for the operation of carriages in Prague are the strictest in the world.


Show me your horse and I'll  tell you what you are like. . . . medieval proverb


And how does it work?


The station of Prague carriages is on the Old Town Square.



The site is specially built, hygienic parking. The investor of the whole building was the Guild of Fiakrists and Carters of Bohemia and Moravia.



You can rent a carriage from 10:00 to 22:00.


Horses work in shifts - one shift lasts 6 hours.


Shifts change at 16:00, when the morning shift leaves home and the afternoon starts working.


Horses always have enough fresh water available for watering and cooling, which is generally carried out by a coachman or other professionally qualified person. It is inadmissible and dangerous if the hydrant water is handled by a stranger (tourist, etc.). Cooling horses has strict rules and unprofessional intervention can cause heat shock to the animal.


Horses are fed hay and staple food in the stables. Powered by water from automatic drinkers.


A part of the harness intended for city traffic is also the so-called sail, which prevents contamination of the road with horse donuts. Horses gradually get used to the sails, so the coachman has a trap on the goat, in which he catches donuts. If there is pollution and the traffic allows it - the coachman is obliged to remove the excrement. If, for safety reasons, it is not possible to clean the road immediately, they will do so as soon as possible. In particular, this applies to traffic in the streets around the Old Town Square, where the traffic is so heavy that even an authorized pedestrian can clear the carriages.


Horses in the city have special orthopedic horseshoes with rubber in the heel area. Horses have a certain step, they do not glide on smooth paving, they cope better with the unevenness of Prague surfaces. The rubber is a gentle shock absorber for horses' hooves.


The coachmen are properly dressed and are responsible for the safety of the horses.


The carriages correspond to the current safe operation - they have rubberized wheels and are braked by foot brakes.


The maximum number of adults in a large carriage is 5.


What is good to follow


Do not feed horses without permission.


Do not put your feet in the shoes on the upholstery in the carriage.


Parents or accompanying persons are responsible for children.


Do not damage the carriage equipment.


Do not manipulate horse harnesses.


Do not sit in the carriage without permission and do not try to put the child on a horse, etc ..


Keep a safe distance from horses, even if you want to take pictures, incl. selfie.




Special shoeing is our Czech invention and professionals from all over the world come to us to take photos of horseshoes. You can now find similar horseshoes in Belgium, Holland, Australia and various US states.


Sails are also our Czech invention and are positively evaluated by tourists from various parts of the planet. We are often praised for trying to keep the city clean. From Prague, the sails spread all over the world.



Horses for Prague undergo special training and careful selection, also because they run in Prague in tram traffic. So if the horse is not satisfied in Prague, he does not work here.


The level of carriage traffic in Prague is at one of the highest levels in the world.


Carriages and carriages are part of the color of most of the world's metropolises and their operation is often supported by municipal authorities.


Horses are carefully paired so that not only do they look as physically as possible, but they also have the same step - if they are the same color, it is difficult for a layman to recognize them.


Horses do not work every day, couples change to have enough rest.




During the season, after about two months, couples go to their home stables and new couples go to Prague.


A horse is an animal and is never 100% reliable, everyone is sometimes frightened, injured or abraded just like a human. Even horses can twist their legs and limp on the pavement. The coachman always tries to solve the situation immediately with professional veterinary help. A record and veterinary protocol are kept of each treatment.


Horses in Prague are under constant veterinary control.


Coachmen are professionals in their field and horse breeding and pass a special test.





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